5 tips for balance of life

Kirsty Raynor is a qualified mindset coach and vedic meditation teacher who specialises in helping people in "the messy middle" we can all feel overwhelmed and in need to try to curate our own version of balance.

Kirsty is also a podcast host of The Mindset and Me podcast and every episode even has a mini meditation at the end. 




Not only is Balance a word we hear so often, it’s a feeling that can sometimes feel so far away from us. The scales are often shifting in weight, time, importance and opportunity which can often leave one feeling anything but balanced.


How would it feel to firstly let go of this perfected notion and start to reframe this word into Balance for you! What does balance in your life look like? What would a balanced day entail? What incredible wonders could you create just for you?


I want to share my five tips that I use each day to really create balance for me…


1: Create a really cosy space

This is so important for me as a real homebody. I need to have a space and textures that evoke a feeling of calm. That’s not to say you need your whole house to be white, but is there a part of your house that you can claim just for you. Maybe you put your favourite scented candles there, or a nice blanket, a place that you recognise as serene when you arrive there. A place to find your balance.


2: Time block your day

I really wish this was taught in school as this honestly is a game changer. We spend so much time doing “all the things” and yet so often our day totally runs away with us. I try to time block every part of my day, including time to rest, walk, breathe (!) so that I can take control of my circumstances.


3: Habit stacking

I cannot recommend this practice enough, in fact there is a brilliant book by James Clear called Atomic Habits that talks about just this. A habit stack is when we take one behaviour and then add another one to it, eg, when boiling the kettle in the morning for your tea there will be a trigger in your brain that tells you do to something, in my case its hands on my heart, eyes closed and 10 deep breaths, that is my habit stack.


4: Self acceptance

It can be really difficult to practice self acceptance especially when you feel like you are falling behind. You may be under huge pressure to achieve goals from work or struggling in your personal life and allowing judgment and shame to feed your mindset. I implore you to show yourself kindness and grace as if we are truly looking to live a balanced life. In fact we need the rest as well as the energy, we need the highs and the lows, and we need to accept that we are humans.


5: Meditation

As a vedic meditation teacher and mindset coach I couldn’t possibly leave this out. I know that creating a practice can feel really daunting, or we feel like we do not have the time for it, it can easily be something to put to the bottom of the list. However, if we time block the practice in and make it into a habit stack it will genuinely become innate to you. Remember, little and often is the best practice - it doesn’t need to be this whole big thing!


I hope you find this helpful - please do come and say hi over on instagram! (@kirstyraynor)

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