Alesha’s 5 tips to start the year right

Make 2022 the year for you. Self love should be a priority and it’s ok to focus on ‘you’ some of the time. We’re all tired of the ongoing pandemic and need to look after ourselves.
I love this quote from Oprah:
“We need to deprogram ourselves. I know for sure that you can't give what you don't have. If you allow yourself to be depleted to the point where your emotional and spiritual tank is empty and you're running on fumes of habit, everybody loses. Especially you.”
That’s why it’s ok to focus on you and make time for yourself.
I’m not really into new year’s resolutions (for the usual reasons - they’re too easy to break and I hate setting unrealistic goals). I do like to start the year right though and make positive steps to change things that haven’t gone so well. Here are my tips for the best way to do this:
Alesha's 5 tips to start your year right
  1. Take some time for you in the next few weeks and consciously make time for yourself going forward. Find a place and a time which works for you. This could be just sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a notepad or going for a walk or a run or even doing something which is a real treat to you.
  2. A moment of introspection and mindfulness - What did you do that was really fun? What was a real challenge for you? What would you like to do differently? You might find that you can set some achievable goals or find a way to make a change or just decide to repeat something that was really fun.
  3. Maybe have an anti-resolution list? - a list of things you’re not going to do is easier to achieve than an unrealistic list of goals- e.g I’m going to stop checking my emails after 8pm
  4. Routine and flexibility - I find the best way to achieve a goal is to establish a routine. I do this with my training. I’ve got to do this at the start of the day or otherwise it just doesn’t happen. You do need to be flexible though in your goal setting because sometimes life just gets in the way
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself - The NobleBlu mantra is ‘Balance of Life’. No one can be perfect all of the time. We all need balance. 
Most importantly life is about having fun and to me that’s a combination of many factors, but health and happiness always comes first.
Much love,

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