Do you struggle to maintain concentration throughout the day? Especially with so many all-day everyday nonstop distractions like social media!

Have you tried any of these different techniques to help increase your levels of concentration and productivity?

  1. Prioritise: When you begin the day, decide what is the most crucial task and order them according to importance. You'll be more likely to stay on task and stay away from distractions by concentrating on the most crucial activities first. A 'to do' list can really help you stay focused.
  2. Eliminate: remove distractions much as you can from your workspace. This can entail shutting unneeded tabs on your computer, logging out of email, disabling notifications on your phone or working in a quiet area.
  3. Take a break: Walk away from your desk and give yourself a refresh. Five minutes can clear your mind even if you go just get up and move around - this can enhance blood flow to the brain, which can aid to improve focus and energy.
  4. Get outside: A little walk outside may boost your exposure to natural light, which will make you feel more awake.
  5. Eat & drink well: Have some water! Being dehydrated can mess with your concentration. Grab a handful of blueberries, loaded with antioxidants these can help when you’re feeling a slump come on and getting a nutritious lunch will help with your productivity. Fuel your fire!
  6. Focus: Take our NobleBlu Focus supplement which can boost your focus and keep you mentally sharp through the day. Full of vital vitamins, minerals and botanicals to support your concentration and general wellbeing.

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