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Introducing... Vegan Recipes from Tasty Curls

Vegan Recipes from Tasty Curls

Tasty Curls talks Vegan Recipes with NobleBlu.

Vegan cooking sensation Rachel from Tasty Curls discusses how NobleBlu supplements support her vegan lifestyle.

How NobleBlu Supplements Support my Vegan Lifestyle - by Tasty Curls

We're so excited to be working with vegan cooking sensation Rachel from Tasty Curls! 

Read on to discover how NobleBlu supplements have supported Rachel on her vegan journey, and how she stays energised throughout the day by balancing an active lifestyle with nutritious meals.

Life is about balance

As a self-taught cook and recipe developer focusing on wholesome plant-based foods, I believe it’s important to know what we’re putting into our bodies and that’s why I love cooking my own tasty meals!

Coupled with a balanced diet, I love to take supplements to boost and enhance my wellbeing. NobleBlu supplements have been absolutely wonderful to incorporate into my daily life. I’ve been taking the Energy supplements for a few weeks now, and have already started to notice changes in how I feel day to day! 

I am an avid gym goer, so these supplements are perfect to give me the pick-me-up that I need to feel motivated and energised to power through my workout. It’s almost become like a daily ritual! 

As with food, it’s important to know what ingredients are going into your supplements. I’m all about using natural ingredients, and that’s why NobleBlu are my new go-to supplement brand. I can feel comfortable knowing that I’m only putting straight goodness into my body. 

About my Vegan Journey 

Being of Ghanaian heritage, I’ve grown up around unique and spicy flavours that have influenced my cooking style today. I’ve always loved the fresh and fragrant aromas of my Mums food, which is one of my favourite things about cooking - the aromas bringing a sense of nostalgia and comfort. But the best part is getting to eat it of course! 

Getting creative in the kitchen is what I love most. There’s an abundance of fresh and wholesome ingredients that are just waiting to be turned into something delicious! All you need is a good cooking playlist, a glass of wine in hand and the smell of something delicious cooking away and you’re set for a perfect Sunday evening (for me anyway). It’s all about balance, I do of course love eating healthy, nourishing food, but occasionally I will indulge in some vegan junk food and a cocktail night. 

Get inspired

Tasty Curls is a platform where I share my nourishing and delicious recipes to help you become more creative with cooking. It can be quite daunting at first when you don’t know your way around the kitchen or if you’re unfamiliar with certain ingredients. That’s why my recipes are easy to follow and simple to make, without compromising on flavour! So her your apron on and step into a whole new world of food.