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Nobleblu has teamed up with pioneers in green beauty and natural wellbeing, Olverum, for a luxury giveaway

NobleBlu x Olverum

Nobleblu has teamed up with pioneers in green beauty and natural wellbeing, Olverum, for a luxury giveaway.

This promotion has now ended.

Nobleblu has teamed up with pioneers in green beauty and natural wellbeing, Olverum, for a luxury giveaway

Closing date is midnight Friday 24th June 2022.

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We asked Founder and Managing Director of Olverum, Dominic Hawksley, what Balance of Life means to him. 

For me, it’s not so much a case of maintaining Balance of Life but about the quest for it. I have to remind myself daily to take regular breaks and that a walk in the park is just as valuable, if not more so, than working on growing a business. It’s so easy to get so engulfed in work that, before I know it, it is 7pm and I realise I haven’t stood up for several hours. 

Laughter is crucial to achieving a balance in life. I try to take a step back from any stressful situation, particularly at work, and reframe it with a different perspective. If I can find humour in such moments, the benefit to my wellbeing is exponential. I don’t always manage it, but I recognise its value. I also try not to beat myself up about things too much. Errors and accidents happen so learning to accept situations without the ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ self-recriminations is a much healthier approach.

Knowing how much my mind and body will benefit from physically moving and being challenged, I see a personal trainer three times a week. I’d like to think I am disciplined enough to go the gym regularly without an appointment, but the truth is having something diarised means I am much less likely to be side-tracked by other activities.

I also insist on having dinner every night with my family. While I enjoy cooking, my wife is a gifted cook and puts my meagre skills to shame. Taking time to enjoy good food is vital component of the Life Balance equation in my book. My kids are teenagers now so mealtimes are also really the only times we know we will all be together to catch up or discuss what is going on in the world and, most importantly, what’s going on in theirs.

I’m lucky enough to work near a leafy park so taking a walk there – even if I am speaking on the phone or meeting with a colleague while doing so - is a tonic. Just being outdoors makes all the difference. As a family, we love to go on hikes and though there are occasionally some grumbles to begin with from the teens (mainly about the reduced screen time this enforces), they are soon seduced by the environment and really enjoy themselves. 

That said, finding time to be alone with my own thoughts (or lack of them) is essential. I walk our Norfolk Terrier, Olive, every evening and although we have ‘chats’, sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself - so I guess that counts as alone time. Best of all, however, is taking a bath (with Olverum Bath Oil, of course). After a few minutes, the ‘to do’ lists in my mind ebb away, my creaking joints ease, my muscles relax and I am restored.

I have a feeling that the pursuit of Life Balance is always going to be a work-in-progress endeavour for me but it is certainly a worthwhile one.

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