Alesha Dixon and Amy Russell Taylor

Nobleblu x Amy Russell Taylor

Nobleblu and Amy Russell Taylor Jewellery have come together in a collaboration focusing on mind, body and soul:


"Pushing the boundaries of traditional well-being allowing you to focus on every level, from what you put in your body to what you put on your body, we have collaborated to design a fine jewellery collection centred on the healing properties of crystals and how they work in harmony and enhance the benefits of NobleBlu’s supplements."


Amy’s signature style complements beautifully with Nobleblu’s mantra “Balance of life”.


Nobleblu x Amy Russell Taylor supplements and jewellery combinations:

Immunity & Malachite

We've matched NobleBlu's Immunity supplement with Malachite because ancient theories suggest that Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, opening the heart and releasing inhibitions. A force together to help you keep grounded and authentic.


Focus & Carnelian

We've paired these lovely Carnelian stones with NobleBlu’s Focus supplement.

Traditionally, Carnelian is thought to promote positive life choices and motivation for success. Building your trust for your perceptions it’s the crystal of good vibes and energetic positivity.

Beauty & Lapis Lazuli


Crystal healers believe that Lapis Lazuli reveals the inner truth for perfect self awareness & expression, lifting your mood throughout the day. That's why we think NobleBlu's Beauty is a great fit for  Lapis Lazuli,  encouraging you to shine from within supporting the radiant power of NobleBlu’s Beauty supplement.

Energy & Yellow Jadeite

Yellow Jadeite has traditionally been thought to reflect profound peace, grounding and will help you discover new depths of an emotional well-being.

We've paired this lovely Yellow Jadeite jewellery with  NobleBlu’s Energy supplement to boosting general cognitive capacities and creative inspiration.

Yellow Jadeite

Balance & White Chalcedony

Crystal healers traditionally believe that White Chalcedony brings a gentle energy to relieve anxiety and bring forth calm. Reminding you of your authentic self and regaining a tranquil energy.

We think that a crystal believed to balance your mind and body is a great match for NobleBlu’s Balance supplement.

White Chalcedony
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