The Wellbeing Power of Reading

We are celebrating the power of reading and the wellness benefits of reading books (and switching off from social media and emails!)

Regular reading can be beneficial to both our wellbeing and our literacy.

  • It's a workout for the brain and improves memory function
  • It helps to improve our concentration and enables us to focus
  • It can aid sleep and help to calm anxiety. Reducing your screen time and switching off from the phone through bedtime reading creates a routine which signals to your body that it is time to relax and can improve sleep quality.
  • Reading can be motivational and encourage you not to give up and use your imagination, whether it be a romance, thriller or a self-help book.


We asked Alesha about her favourite motivational books:

O’s Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose 

(The Editors of O, The Oprah Magazine)

“This is a great bedside book and collection of insightful thoughts from brilliant authors to help you find your purpose”



Marianne Williamson, Return to Love

“My no.1 favourite book that I always return to, it’s like my bible, Marianne has a clever way with words and delves into the deepest part of your soul”


Ekhart Tolle, A New Earth  

“Ekhart is all about becoming the observer of your own mind and living in the present moment, I have learnt and grown so much over the years from studying his work”


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