Top 10 Superfoods from Africa & the Caribbean

Superfoods are some of natures best and most powerful sources of nutrients that can optimise our health and wellbeing. Although superfoods seem to be a recent discovery, most of them are in fact staples of indigenous populations around the world.

This Black History Month, we want to pay homage to Africa and the Caribbean for the nutritional powerhouses that they provide.


  1. Baobab – Baobab, also known as ‘the tree of life’, is one of the most powerful fruits growing in Africa. With its impressively high vitamin C content (7-10 times more than oranges), this fruit is known for giving your immune system the boost it needs. Baobab also contains high levels of antioxidants which is great for keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.
  1. Cacao – Raw cacao provides bountiful benefits, especially with it being one of the highest plant-sources of iron and magnesium! One of the most popular benefits of raw cacao is its mood enhancing properties, due to the chemical compound releasing endorphins to the brain. So, it’s no lie when they say chocolate makes you happy!
  1. Ginger – We all know and love ginger, it’s a staple in many households whether it’s for cooking or making ginger tea. But there’s a reason why it’s a popular superfood. Ginger has long been used to reduce nausea, flu and cold symptoms, and to aid digestion. Natural medicine at its finest.
  1. Moringa – The moringa tree is also known as ‘the miracle tree’ and is renowned for its medicinal properties and health benefits. What is fascinating about this tree is that every part of it is edible, from the leaves to the seeds. This miracle tree contains all 9 essential amino acids and provides us with vital nutrients. It’s abundant in vitamins and the health benefits make this tree worth shouting about.

  2. Sorrel/Hibiscus – Sorrel is a vibrant plant that is popular amongst Africans and Caribbeans as it’s often used to make tea or a beverage adding certain spices like ginger, clove, cinnamon and sometimes pineapple. Whilst you enjoy sipping on your hibiscus beverage, you can also reap some of the health benefits. It has been known to help lower blood pressure, improve liver health and fight certain bacteria to name a few.
  1. Seamoss/Irish moss – Seamoss is a sea vegetable that has become increasingly popular due to its superb health benefits. It has been a popular beverage drank throughout the Caribbean, usually by blending it with milk and natural sweeteners for a great energy boost. Seamoss contains a number of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Not only that, but it’s also high in protein and iodine and has been said to improve thyroid function, skin, hair, and immunity.

  2. Soursop – This power packed fruit provides more than just great taste. It’s full of antioxidants, high in vitamin C, improves immunity, digestive, and cardiovascular health. Studies also show that it may prevent certain types of diabetes and cancer.

  3. Acerola Cherry – Acerola cherry, also known as ‘Barbados cherry, or ‘West Indies cherry’, boasts a variety of health benefits. Despite its name, it is not actually a cherry, but rather a berry-like fruit. It’s high vitamin C content makes it great for boosting collagen as well as the immune system.

  4. Fonio – Could fonio be the new quinoa? These little grains of goodness native to West Africa pack a punch with their amazing health benefits. It has been said that fonio has higher nutritional value than most grains. Not only is it naturally gluten-free, but it could also aid in weight loss, increase energy, and promotes healthy hair, nails, bones, and teeth due to its high calcium content.

  5. Teff – Teff is an ancient grain native to Ethiopia and is used to make their traditional fermented flatbread, ‘injera’. Like fonio, teff is a grain that provides higher nutritional value than most grains. It’s an excellent source if magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, and protein. This grain contains all 9 essential amino acids, it’s an all-rounder!

These are just some of the incredible foods that Africa and the Caribbean provide for us. There are numerous ways to incorporate some of these superfoods into your diet for better health and well-being.

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