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NB in the News

NB in the News

Give Me Strength!

Alesha talks to bestseelling author and Celebrity Personal Trainer,  Alice Liveing, about personal strength.

Give Me Strength with Alice Liveing

We love Celebrity Personal Trainer Alice Liveing's free App. What a great way to catch up on health and fitness podcasts on your phone!

Bestselling author Alice uses her regular podcast to explore the topic of what makes a strong person, discussing both mental and physical resilience and how this can empower us to live happier, stronger lives. 

So you can imagine how exciting it was for the NobleBlu team when Alice invited Alesha to talk about Strength and Balance in a live podcast.

Click here to catch the whole podcast.

Before she chose a career in music, Alesha studied sport at college to become a PE teacher. No wonder exercise has been such a big part of her life!

Watch the podcast to find out more on how exercise supported her though some of the more difficult times in her life and helped her feel more herself after her two pregnancies.

And of course, NobleBlu gets a name check when Alesha talks about Balance of Life and why balance is all part of being strong!