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NB in the News

NB in the News

Why taking care of yourself is the key to Balance of Life!

The Telegraph's Sameeha Shaikh talks to Alesha about NobleBlue.

The Telegraph's Sameeha Shaikh talks to Alesha about NobleBlu.

In this lovely interview, Alesha talks candidly with The Telegraph's Beauty reporter about her vision for NobleBlu as a leading wellness brand.  Sameeha describes this interview as a really refreshing conversation!

It's easy to see why - Alesha talks about how she sees wellness as a journey. There's no end destination so we don't need to judge ourselves on how close we are to arriving!  

With so many of us aiming to travel along the road to health and happiness, it's great to hear Alesha's views on Balance of Life.  Alesha's message is clear - don't  beat yourself up about striving for perfection - happiness lies in achieving a balanced lifestyle. Read the full interview here.

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