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Alesha Dixon holding a NobleBlu Supplements product
Alesha Dixon sitting on a chair holding a NobleBlu Supplemetns products


Even when we find time for exercise and we eat a balanced, healthy diet, there are areas where we might need extra support.

But that doesn’t mean swallowing a catch-all multivitamin, probably padded out with questionable fillers and ingredients, and hoping for the best each day. Thankfully, supplements have come a long way since the A-Z multivitamin and the fizzy vitamin C tablet.

But still, we simply couldn’t find targeted, innovative, cutting edge supplements that suited our modern lifestyles or any that were clear about their benefits or what they had in them.

So we developed our own.

KIND to you, KIND to the planet

I’ve partnered with the fantastically knowledgeable and experienced team at HealthKind (they’ve dedicated the last 45 years to health and wellness supplements, how amazing is that?) to create NobleBlu.  

Together, we’ve developed five unique supplements, each targeting a different aspect of health. So whether it’s your skin, immunity, focus, energy levels or hormonal balance issues (or a combination of them), we’ve got you covered.

Just like with the food we eat, ingredients matter in the supplements we take. We only use premium, natural ingredients that are never tested on animals, are palm oil free and contain none of the nasty, artificial extras in so many of today's mass market health supplements.

And we’re not just kind to you, we’re kind to the planet too. All our ingredients are responsibly sourced, we’re transparent about where they all come from and our packaging is sustainable.

We’re driven by science to help you simplify and improve nutrition for you and your family. We see it as self-care, from the inside. Leaving you to get on with the important stuff, like living your best life. 

NobleBlu – Balance of Life. It’s at our core.

Much love,

Alesha and the NobleBlu team x

Alesha Dixon

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